Credential Program

The College of Graduate Studies has developed a non-credit credentialing program in Cultural and Social Awareness.  This program will be launched officially in January 2021, but backdate student workshop attendance to Fall 2020.

It consists of eight workshops over three themes (Interculturalism, Equity and Inclusion, and Mental Health and Wellbeing).  These workshops will focus on building awareness around social and cultural difference, diversity, inclusion, and equity, and will be offered in partnership with relevant organizations on campus.

The credential is intentionally flexible, allowing students to attend workshops that pique their interest on a particular topic.

Graduate students who complete the requirements will receive a Letter of Completion as per Senate policy O-129.

Graduate students who complete the credentialing program will gain:

    • Increased understanding of social and cultural differences.
    • Increased understanding and knowledge of historically, persistently, and systemically marginalized groups
    • Skills to leverage this understanding and knowledge to build empathy and compassion and address issues of inequity.
    • Knowledge and tools for students to use when engaging with marginalized groups among their peers and their students.
    • Knowledge and tools for students to use in the classroom and the workplace to ensure an inclusive and safe environment for everyone.

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