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Degree Conferral & Ceremony 

Applying for Degree Conferral

Every candidate for a degree must make a formal application for degree conferral via the Student Service Centre (SSC)
The student must apply regardless of whether or not they plan to participate in the graduation ceremonies.  The SSC deadline dates are set out below:

Application Deadlines

Degree Conferral Date Applications Begin
Final Application Deadline
November 16th
January 15th
May January 16th
April 15th
September June 1st
August 31st
September 1st October 15th

LATE APPLICATIONS TO GRADUATE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  If you do not apply by the posted deadline, you will need to apply for the next available degree conferral period.

A student may apply for degree conferral before the final thesis is approved; however, their application will not be approved unless all degree requirements are completed by the posted deadlines below.

Please note: as part of the application process, you will be able to indicate whether or not you will be attending the graduation ceremony.  The graduation ceremony occurs annually in June. You can check your application status online through the Student Service Centre (SSC) 
To Login, go to Applications: Graduation, on the left side menu, select the correct degree program, then select the Get/Edit/View Application button.

Degree Conferral & Parchment

The College of Graduate Studies confirms each student’s eligibility for degree conferral and recommends the names of the successful applicants to be presented to Senate.

Students may have their degrees conferred in either February, May, September or November annually. A graduation ceremony is only held in June, so students who choose to have their degrees conferred in February, September, or November will be invited to participate in the June ceremony. 

If you have any questions regarding your degree parchment, please contact

Degree Program Completion

In order for your program to be considered complete, you must have completed all program requirements as listed in the Academic Calendar and all grades must be entered.  For thesis-based students, this includes successfully defending your thesis/dissertation, submitting all documentation  to Graduate Studies, successfully uploading your thesis to cIRcle, and meeting all formatting requirements.

Master's Thesis:  For complete scheduling and approval deadlines go to Master’s Thesis Scheduling Timeline for Graduation. 

PhD Dissertation: For complete scheduling and approval deadlines go to PhD Dissertation Scheduling Timeline for Graduation.

Final Thesis/Dissertation Approval Deadlines

Degree Conferral Date Final Date for Approval

January 30
May April 30
August 30
October 30

For thesis-based students, the Final Thesis/Dissertation Approval Deadline is the last day for your uploaded thesis to be approved in cIRcle in order to be considered for the corresponding degree conferral period.  All thesis-based students must upload their thesis to cIRcle in order to graduate.  

Coursework Only Students

Degree Conferral Date Grades Must be Entered by:
January 30
May April 30
Aug 30
October 30

Major Paper/Project Students

Check with your program regarding submission deadlines.  All grades must be entered by the dates listed under the "Coursework Only Students" section.

Graduation Ceremonies

Congratulations on approaching the completion of your degree program! Earning a graduate degree is a great achievement, and the Graduation ceremonies at UBC Okanagan celebrate the success and contributions of all our new graduates. The graduation ceremony occurs in June only.

You can find out all the details of your ceremony at Graduation at UBC Okanagan including:

  • date and approximate time
  • gown rental
  • obtaining tickets
  • photographs and videos
  • general ceremony instructions

Fees Payable Upon Completion of Degree

No student will receive a degree parchment until all outstanding tuition and student fees have been paid in full.Tuition and student fees are due in September, January, and May for graduate students.

Student fees are not prorated. Candidates who have paid more than the minimum tuition installments for their degree will have their tuition fees prorated to the end of the month in which the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies confirms that all degree requirements have been completed.

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