USING TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE AS A FOUNDATION FOR EFFECTIVE project management and people leadership

Tune in to this month’s episode of Master Grads to hear how Ian and Khairul used their Master of Engineering degrees to gain the technical knowledge needed to be able to effectively manage and lead people in their careers.

When starting their graduate student journey, they both knew they wanted to pursue a career that allowed them to make an impact on others as an Engineer. They wanted to design solutions with practical applications and think up innovative ideas, but also be able to execute on those plans and inspire collaboration within teams. Pursuing a graduate degree provided them with the foundational knowledge they needed to take on a leadership role and advance their careers. Khairul and Ian are big-picture thinkers, and understood this technical knowledge was essential to expanding their toolkit and would empower them to become people leaders. They were ultimately led into careers in operations, process improvement and strategic planning, where they employ their technical skill along with tactical project management. They are leading teams of their own and building data-driven programs to enable new technology.

Learn about the steps Ian and Khairul took towards transforming their technical knowledge into a career where they employ the business side of their skillset, the transition from graduate student life to professional life, and their respective professional paths. This presentation dives into how Ian and Khairul are turning technology into value and how they built their careers in Strategic Engineering based on their foundational learnings during graduate school.


Khairul Anam is a 2019 M.Eng graduate from UBC Okanagan with a specialization in Electrical Engineering. He has 7 years of experience in Operations and played a significant role in growing the factory footprint of one of the largest tobacco factories in the world. He was a part of several global manufacturing excellence projects and optimized the overall maintenance strategy of British American Tobacco Bangladesh. He has been working for Lantic Inc. (Rogers Sugar) since 2019 in Vancouver, BC. His primary focus is to improve equipment reliability, maximize resource utilization and support the continuous improvement projects. He is working with his team to implement a data driven preventive and an AI based predictive maintenance strategy for the Vancouver refinery. He is currently pursuing his Professional MBA at Sauder Business School, UBC Vancouver.


Ian Horseman is a 2013 M.Eng graduate from UBC-Okanagan. His degree was focused on electrical engineering projects: the future of wireless small cell networks, project lifecycle and management. He has been part of the TELUS network planning team for the past 12 years, and has worked on network architecture plans for: telephone network expansion, copper-based internet access overlays, small-cell mobility projects and the expansion of their fibre network to many homes in BC (now called the PureFibre network). In 2017 he took on the role of Planning and Engineering manager; and supports a team of specialists and engineers who create the technology roadmaps, architecture plans, and program budgets for TELUS’ wireline network expansions.