Faculty of Science Graduate Entrance Award


Consistent with the admission period for which a student is applying

Eligibility of Citizenship: Canadian and Permanent Residence
Degree Level: Masters and Doctoral
Award Status: Open
Applicant Status: Incoming Students


Quick Facts

Three Faculty of Science (FS) Graduate Entrance Awards valued at $15,000 each are available to students entering their first year of graduate studies in a thesis-based Masters or Doctoral program in the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science or an Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies program with a supervisor who is a member of the Irving K. Barber Faculty of Science.


  • Admission GPA of first-class standing
  • Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • Incoming full-time thesis-based Master’s and Doctoral students

Application Procedures

  • All applicants who have submitted a complete admission application by the date indicated for each admission period will be considered for the Faculty of Science Graduate Entrance Award
  • No additional application is required
  • Students are not able to update or make changes to their admission application for the purpose of this award

Nomination Procedures

  • The Head of each FS Department may recommend up to three candidates to the FS Graduate and Post-Doctoral Program Planning and Awards Committee
  • The FS Graduate and Post-Doctoral Program Planning and Awards Committee reviews and evaluates the applications and makes recommendations to the Dean
  • Only successful nominees are notified

Adjudication Criteria

  • Master’s applicants – GPA across the last two years of the undergraduate program
  • PhD applicant – GPA across all years of a Master’s program
  • Evidence of research experience or promise, including but not limited to:
    • publication record (number and impact factor of publication venue)
    • conference  presentations (sole or co-authored, presenter or not)
  • Evidence of teaching experience or promise
  • Student training (e.g. providing skills training to lab volunteers)
  • Funding awards
  • Community and public engagement activities

Conditions for Award Holders

Satisfactory Progress
  • Award holders must maintain satisfactory progress in their program of study and remain registered as a full-time students for each term of the award payment
  • If a student is not making satisfactory progress, then the Faculty of Science reserves the right to cancel the Faculty of Science Graduate Entrance Award
  • Pending approval by the Dean, students receiving an award may defer the award for up to one year
Leave of Absence
  • Students granted a leave of absence or parental leave retain the full value of the Faculty of Science Graduate Entrance Award. Awards will be suspended at the onset of the leave and reinstated at the termination of the leave period, provided the student returns to full-time study for a period equivalent to the remaining duration of the original award
  • If an award holder withdraws from their program of study, the funding received during the term for which the withdrawal is processed will be recovered by the College of Graduate Studies