Graduate Dean’s Thesis Fellowship


Please check with your Faculty.

Eligibility of Citizenship: Canadian, Permanent Residence, and International
Degree Level: Masters and Doctoral
Award Status: Open
Applicant Status: Continuing Students


* Please note this award is now a faculty-nominated award, and the application/nomination procedure varies per faculty. Please contact your program for additional information.*


The Graduate Dean’s Thesis Fellowship (GDTF) is a merit-based fellowship that is awarded to full-time, thesis-based graduate students who are approaching their final term and are focusing on the completion of their thesis or dissertation. This fellowship is intended to provide financial support while students are engaged in the final writing stages of their graduate program. Students may receive a GDTF only once per degree program.

Please note that this fellowship is for students who are nearing degree completion and are entering their final term of study.

Value: $6,000


Academic Standing

  • Students must have maintained satisfactory standing throughout the full duration of their program of study
  • Doctoral students must be admitted to candidacy

Number of Months of Study

Due to COVID-19, we have extended the months of study eligibility to account for students who may have had their program impacted by the research curtailment. This temporary condition will extend to:

  • Masters students must have completed, as of the date of receiving the fellowship, no more than 32 months of study in the program for which they are requesting funding
  • Doctoral students must have completed, as of the date of receiving the fellowship, no more than 56 months of study in the program for which they are requesting funding

Other Funding

  • Students who receive external agency funding through any of the following federal scholarship programs may not concurrently hold a GDTF:
    • SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarships – Doctoral program (CGS D) or SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
    • NSERC CGS D or Postgraduate Scholarships – Doctoral program
    • CIHR CGS D
    • Canada Graduate Scholarships – Master’s program
    • Vanier CGS
    • Trudeau Doctoral Scholarship

Evaluation Criteria

  • This is a competitive fellowship that recognizes excellence in graduate research and study

Application Procedures

  • Please check with your faculty for their internal deadline and selection process

Nomination Procedures

  • Faculties review and evaluate each application that has been submitted by the internal deadline set by the faculty
  • The responsible designate from each faculty informs the College of Graduate Studies which students have been nominated to receive a Graduate Dean’s Thesis Fellowship, based on the quota provided to their faculty
    • Nominations may occur at any time throughout the year
  • The College of Graduate Studies confirms that nominees meet all eligibility criteria

Conditions for Award Holders

Satisfactory Progress

  • Award holders must maintain satisfactory progress in their programs of study and remain registered as full-time students for each term of the award payment. If the College of Graduate Studies determines that a student is not making satisfactory progress, the College of Graduate Studies reserves the right to cancel the fellowship awarded to that student

Leave of Absence

  • Students granted a leave of absence retain the full value of any university graduate fellowship or other award whose terms and conditions are established by the College of Graduate Studies. Awards will be suspended at the onset of the leave, and reinstated at the termination of the leave period, provided the student returns to full-time study within the same fiscal year


  • If an award holder withdraws from their program of study, the funding received during the term for which the withdrawal is processed will be recovered by the College of Graduate Studies

Program Completion

  • If an award holder completes the requirements of their program prior to receiving the full scholarship payment, the award holder will receive the remaining scholarship payment prior to the closing of their program


Questions? Please contact your program assistant.