International Four-Year Doctoral Partial Tuition Award


Consistent with the admission period for which a student is applying

Eligibility of Citizenship: International
Degree Level: Doctoral
Award Status: Open
Applicant Status: Incoming Students


Quick Facts

The International Four-Year Doctoral Partial Tuition (IDPT) Award is available to incoming international doctoral students and PhD transfer students. The Award pays the tuition differential between international and domestic tuition for eligible students. The award provides funding for up to a total of four years (48 months) per awardee.

Annual Value: Difference between international and domestic tuition (approximately $3,933)


  • Awardees must hold a valid student visa and be registered full time when they begin their UBCO doctoral program
  • UBC students who advance/transfer from a master’s to a doctoral program without completing their master’s degree will only be paid out the IDPT for the terms they are registered in a doctoral program up to a maximum of 48 months total calculated from the beginning of their master’s program
  • International Doctoral Fellowship awardees are not eligible for the IDPT
  • Recipients of the IDPT must maintain registration as an international student to remain eligible for the IDPT

Application Procedures

  • All incoming international doctoral applicants are automatically considered for this award
  • The College of Graduate Studies verifies eligibility criteria and notifies admitted students who are eligible to receive this award

Conditions for AWARD holders   

Academic Standing

  • Each year, students’ progress is evaluated as either satisfactory, requiring improvement, or unsatisfactory through an Annual Progress Report. Students with unsatisfactory progress become ineligible for award funding until a satisfactory status is reported in the required six month interim progress report or a subsequent annual progress report


  • In order to remain eligible for this award, students must remain registered as a full-time student for each term of the award payment. Students must register in their thesis course in each term of their studies to ensure that they maintain full-time status


  • Deferrals will be permitted provided that funding for this award remains available

Leave of Absence

  • Students granted a leave of absence retain the full value of any university graduate fellowship or other award whose terms and conditions are established by the College of Graduate Studies. Awards will be suspended at the onset of the leave, and reinstated at the termination of the leave period, provided the student returns to full-time study


  • If an award holder withdraws from their program of study, the funding received during the term for which the withdrawal is processed will be recovered by the College of Graduate Studies

Program Completion

  • If an award holder completes the requirements of their program, the IDPT award amount will be prorated to the end of the month in which the College of Graduate Studies confirms that all program requirements have been completed

Further Information

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