The purpose of the Graduate Community Facilitator role is to enhance the student experience for all current graduate students. Our Graduate Community Facilitators work to support students by:

  • welcoming new students;
  • connecting grad students with their peers;
  • planning fun events and activities;
  • increasing student engagement opportunities;
  • creating a graduate community.

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Meet Your Community Facilitators


Mariam Al Barazi

Mariam Al Barazi received her BA in International Relations in 2020 from UBCO. During her undergrad she was a keen student leader and when deciding where to pursue her master’s she felt like there was no better school for her to come back to and she is now pursuing a MA in IGS Global Studies. She has spent the past three years as a Fundraising Manager with the world’s top NGOs, making sure that each and every donor feels like they are a part of something bigger. Her goal this year is to not only bring community together, but to also make sure each and every member of the graduate community feels included in that process too!



Hammad Ahmad

Hammad is an international graduate student from Lahore, Pakistan (a city famous for its lively atmosphere, variety of delicious foods, cultural heritage and rich traditions). He is a PhD candidate in the School of Engineering with his research aimed at the sustainability of construction materials. At UBCO, he has previously worked as President of the Engineering Graduate Students Society (EGSS) and has also won the Three-Minute Thesis (3MT) competition in 2022. Moreover, he represents graduate students at the Graduate Students’ Committee (GSC-SUO) and Graduate Students Advisory Council (GSAC). On the extra-curricular side, he presides over the SUO Tennis Club and has led the graduate students’ cricket team to two tournament wins at UBCO. He’s an avid participant in competitive and social events. In his second tenure as a graduate community facilitator, he will focus on enhancing the resources, physical activities and social connections among graduate students.


Akshta Sharma

Akshta Sharma is a dedicated education enthusiast, currently pursuing her master’s in Education at UBCO. Originating from India, her international perspective enriches her approach. She serves as a Research Assistant, contributing to a project centered on leadership and well-being. Akshta has a passion for music and connecting with people, making her a warm and engaging presence. In her exciting new role as the Graduate Community Facilitator, she is committed to fostering a strong and vibrant graduate community at UBCO. Her focus this year is on creating an enjoyable and enriching university experience for all graduate students while being a supportive resource for any challenges they may encounter.