11.0 Course Scheduling

11.1 Regularly Scheduled Courses

Regularly Scheduled Courses

Each department or graduate program has specific processes for scheduling graduate courses. The College of Graduate Studies does not normally play a role in these processes.  Details for these processes are available through the relevant graduate program or department.


11.2 New Graduate Courses

New graduate courses must successfully move through the Senate curriculum approval process before they can be submitted for scheduling. That process is illustrated in the chart below.

11.3 Directed Studies Courses

For directed studies courses, after the student has obtained permission from their supervisor to take the course, the graduate student approaches a faculty member with a request for such a course. If the faculty member agrees, a course outline is developed and submitted, along with a directed studies course scheduling form, to the graduate program coordinator for approval. Such a course must typically be approved by a graduate committee in the department or program before the graduate program coordinator submits it for scheduling. Such courses must normally be submitted to the graduate program coordinator at least eight weeks before the course begins.  Directed studies courses are scheduled by the department/program.

11.4 Graduate Versions of Undergraduate Courses

For graduate courses cross-listed with undergraduate courses, the course outline must clearly indicate the graduate-level course requirements, which must be above what is required of undergraduate students.

11.5 IGS Courses

IGS Courses are scheduled through the faculty/department offering the course. For all IGS directed studies courses, the IGS Course Scheduling Request Form must be completed and accompanied by the graduate-level course outline and corresponding undergraduate course outline (if cross-listed with an undergraduate course). All documentation should be submitted to the faculty/department at least 6 weeks prior to the start of the session.