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Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (IGS)

The Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (IGS) program on the Okanagan campus of UBC is in transition. Significant changes are scheduled for consideration and approval during the 2017W1 semester (September to December 2017). For potential students interested in the program, we anticipate that the most important of these changes will be:

  1. IGS Themes will become the primary vehicle for curricular delivery of IGS programming.
    • A Theme will be defined as an articulated area of study supported by a group of faculty engaged in a common substantive area of interdisciplinary, trans-disciplinary, and/or multidisciplinary research.
    • Each Theme will offer a specific, articulated group of graduate courses to advance the education and expertise of students in that area, and its faculty members will be available to assist and/or supervise students in their Theme-based program of master’s or doctoral studies.
    • The current list of IGS Themes may no longer be applicable beginning September 2019.
  2. The current individualized option will no longer be available for master’s students and will be restricted to doctoral students.
  3. Students who are admitted to the IGS program this year and enter into their studies in September 2018 will have two options:
    a. Adhere to the program requirements of the IGS option/theme to which they were admitted.
    b. Transfer to a newly established Theme and adhere to the new IGS program requirements. Themes will be posted on our website once approved.

Please note: these changes require Okanagan Senate approval, which is anticipated during the 2017W1 academic semester.

If you have questions about this transition, please contact the College of Graduate Studies at 250-807-8772 or by email at

For more information, please see the Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (IGS) Program Overview.


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