Graduate Student Advisory Council

The Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) represents graduate students and serves as the student advisory group to the Dean and Director of the College of Graduate Studies (CoGS). GSAC’s function is to encourage involvement with the University and the advancement of graduate and professional studies. GSAC also serves as a conduit for information between CoGS, the CoGS Director, and graduate students, as well as assisting the Dean in advocating and supporting graduate education on campus.

Meetings are normally held monthly and will address one key issue for in-depth discussion, as identified by GSAC members.

Quorum is 10.

GSAC members may at times wish to form Working Groups which would then report back to GSAC.

Meeting minutes will be circulated to committee members within five business days of the meeting, to be shared with their graduate program colleagues.

upcoming meetings:

  • May 25, 2022
  • June 22, 2022

The purpose of the Graduate Student Advisory Council is to:

  • Provide advice and feedback to the Dean, the Associate Dean, and the Director of the College of Graduate Studies on key issues for graduate students at UBC Okanagan;
  • Provide information on policies, procedures, workshops, other events and funding from the CoGS office and from Graduate Council;
  • Enable a forum for in-depth discussion on important issues, as identified by GSAC members and their graduate program colleagues;
  • Advocate for change, and to provide leadership, on key issues such as, but not limited to, student services and funding;
  • Provide a forum where GSAC members can also discuss issues and strategize with Graduate Student Senators
  • Help fill graduate student representative vacancies on relevant committees, as needed
  • Dean, College of Graduate Studies (Chair) (ex officio)
  • Associate Dean(s), College of Graduate Studies (Vice Chair) (ex officio)
  • Director, College of Graduate Studies (ex officio)
  • Graduate Student Senators (non-voting)
  • Representative, Health and Wellness (non-voting
  • Graduate student representatives from the following communities (1 each):
    • Indigenous students
    • LGBTQ* students
    • International students
    • Disabled students
  • Graduate student representatives from the following Faculties/programs:
    • Faculty of Applied Science (3)
    • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (2)
    • School of Education (2)
    • Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies (2)
    • Faculty of Health and Social Development (1 representative each  from  Nursing, Health Studies and Social Work)
    • Faculty of Science (3)
    • Faculty of Management (1)
    • Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (3)
  • Invited guests, as appropriate

Faculty of Applied Science: Sahar Al Ousi & Thais Ayres Rebello

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences: TBA

School of Education: Karin Wiebe and Camille Rousseau

Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies: Mandy Wallace and Larissa Piva

Faculty of Health and Social Development:

HES: Andrew Steele

Social Work: Lucia Woolgar

Nursing: Katie Del Buono, Madison Huggins

Faculty of Science: Riley Petillion, Helena Nunes, Shambhavi Singh

Faculty of Management: Kerry Rempel

Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies: Sophia Hong Yang Tao, Felix Amoh-Siaw, Monique Walsh

Indigenous Student Representative: Janna Wale

International Student Representative: Kirthana Ganesh

Disabled Student Representative: Michelle Hewitt

LGBTQ* Student Representative: Johanna Elizabeth Manrique Hernandez

Graduate Community Facilitators: Kara Crampton, Yukie Ueda, Hammad Ahmad

Graduate Student Senator: Jonathan Low, Amanda Shatzko